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Glenn and Laura St John, the originators

Glenn is from the Great White North...Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. His mother was British, and quite proper...therefore he never says Eh!  He came to Texas in the 1980's to find better motorcycle riding weather. He was a dirt and road racer. Top speed 170mph!

Laura is from Pearland, Texas (go Oilers!). Her hobbies have been gymnastics (teaching for 15 years), massage therapy (did it with her feet), dog training (not very good at it), some motorcycle riding (Susuki go-fast, and a Harley Sportster), sailing (that's a whole nuther story), scuba diving (dive master), writing (memoir stuff, and now a column for The Buffalo Press),  a twitter and facebook obsession (no games, thank you) and pottery (just learning).  

Her parents had a deer lease near Buffalo for 40 years. So they were what you call "weekenders". Eighteen years ago the parental units moved in full time.  They are now called "Move-Ins", or MI's. Glenn and Laura moved up in 2007 when they "got off the boat" ( a WHOLE nuther story!).  They're called JMI's now.  (Just Moved In)  It's a small town thing.

Here's a tid bit of one of their "stories":  Glenn and Laura are adventurous types. They sold everything and took off on a sailing adventure. They circumnavigated the Caribbean and back-packed around South America for three years. 

Upon returning to land life they decided to move to 'the country'.

A bookstore/coffee shop was desperately needed in Buffalo.  After three months of renovating the building and buying 6,000 books The Horse's Mouth opened November 3rd, 2008.  The rest is history, and the best is yet to be!