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Book Review #2 Title: Curse of the Twisted Rose

Author: Lee Lackey

Publisher: Grey Gecko

Copyright 2012

Cover art: Oliver Werner

ISBN 978-1-9388211-5-8

Email: rlackeywrite@gmail.com

Blog: www.greygeckopress.com


Houston Police Officer Marlie Franklin is having a really bad day. What should have been a routine call turns bad when an undead husband of the old witch tries to eat her ambitious partner. She expects curses from some of the people she arrests, but to be made a magnet for all evil in the area, the Internal Affairs investigator turns out to be a real monster, and she gets fired. Ok, that’s bad; but now, she’s a single mom and her son is developing an interest in cute blond girls with pointed teeth…

General Reaction and Comments:


It was interesting to watch Marlie try to find the ordinary within an extraordinary situation. What happens when you discover that one of the people in town, that you respect, turns out to be an undead creature from the days of the Pharohs? What do you do when your boss turns out to be a guardian, but not that kind of guardian?

Rarely is anything what it looks like.

What I liked?

This is one of the better blendings of mundane and horror that I’ve read. How often do you develop sympathy for the monster when her headphones are damaged and she can’t keep her text string with a normal friend in another city going? Teenage monsters have image problems, too.

What I didn't like …

I just couldn’t get into the buzzards. Most of their scenes seemed contrived and written in as harbingers of doom, when I think it could have been done more effectively without them. I had a similar feeling about the husband. He appears, slashes bad guys for a bit and then disappears. He doesn’t really fit into the story. I guess you could say his treatment in the story is a metaphor for the relationship, he doesn’t really fit in.


With the interesting development of some of the creatures in the book, I was surprised that the husband didn’t get the same treatment. He was a more important character, but he more or less is left out of the conclusion. I wonder if Marlie’s explanation sounded as lame to David as it did to me? On the other hand, Marlie’s eventual sympathetic responses to some of the creatures was a surprise.

Quotable Quotes:

“Let’s get this over with. I hate house calls.”

Reader Recommendations:

If you like demon possession, undead, and tortured souls, this is a very good read.  It moved along very quickly. I won’t say the characters are believable, that would be going a little too far, but I will say that many of the characters are interesting, but not the ones you think will be. You’ll just have to read it and see what I mean.

Remember – you got it straight from The Horse’s Mouth.

About the Reviewer:

Ken Finley is the Patriarch in a family-owned and operated bookstore and coffee shop called The Horse’s Mouth. In the mundane world, he has been a writer, editor, and reviewer of technical non-fiction books for over thirty years. He wrote the book review column for the ASTD Perspectives newsletter for three years.

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